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At 10 years old, I loved building models of all kinds. My dad and I started doing Soap Box Derby together and from there, I found a love for modifying bicycles. We would chop and lengthen the front forks to look like choppers. Around 11 years old, I began to flame and pinstripe the bikes, and spray paint multi colored flames on them. You could see those bikes coming from a mile away and I was so proud. I became obsessed with customising anything I could - and I've never looked back.


As I got older, I started working on cars and pinstriping. I rebuilt my engine and transmission for my 1965 Mustang when I was 16 years old from a Chilton’s manual. I put pinstriping on it also. I sold that car and bought a 1978 red Trans Am. I did all the pinstriping on that car - factory quality, where the striping was around all the windows, the rear spoiler, the fender flares and the front spoiler... that was a lot of striping... and it looked incredible!! When my friends saw what I could do, everyone ended up in my garage asking me to customise their rides.


In 1998 I had a pickup truck that I decided to start customizing. I went all out with full custom paint and huge makeover.  (See pics in my photo area). It wasn’t until I sold my truck and bought a 2001 Corvette that I really started to get serious about making my own vinyl graphics. I wanted the baddest, coolest, custom vet - period.


When I traded that off for a 2015 Corvette, I knew what I wanted to do and I went even further, with full length striping that I made using scissors, if you can believe it. I also painted a pinstripe on my black wheels, which really set them off. I had people complimenting me on the graphics and the wheels. 


By the time I traded my 2015 off for a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport, I got even more creative with the graphics, again cut with scissors and cutting tape, and of course I painted the wheel stripe.


At the Bloomington Gold show in Indy, early 2019, I decided to change the graphics to a new color, and it caught everyone's eye because the vinyl looked different in color depending on the angle you looked at it. Everywhere I turned, people asked me how they could hire me or buy my graphix, but I was mostly local at this point - doing what I loved, for my friends, in my garage. 

I traded off my 2017 for a 2019 Corvette Grand Sport in late October 2019 which got the full "Fred treatment". 



Welcome to G1 Graphix - where I will love your car as much as you do. 


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