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I'm not sure we will ever forget this day ....

We were in Carlisle, PA for the Corvettes In Carlisle 2021, sitting under our canopy in the 100+degree heat. Laughing it up with our friends having the best time. A beautiful blonde haired woman walked up and said, something like, "I just wanted to let you know my husband is putting a sticker on your car, he has chosen it as his celebrity pick." Fred missed the whole "celebrity pick" after the words "putting a sticker on your car" and jumped up to go over to the handsome gentleman, calming quickly as he seen it was on the windshield. Now his wife was explaining to us that is was just small sticker on the windshield but he missed that part.

I walked out with her and she introduced herself to me, Kristen Lingenfelter and that is her husband Ken, as she pointed over to him. Now I may not know a lot but anyone who is into cars knows the Lingenfelter name. How exciting! I look over at Fred talking to Ken, knowing if only he knew who he was making this amazing connection with he would die. I was thrilled to see these 2 men connecting over shared love and knowledge of cars instead of fan crushing. The connection was real and not based on who Fred thought Ken was. I can't remember if I ran over and told our friends who the 'celebrity judge' was or how they found out, but they did. They were as excited as me. When Fred finally took the time to look down and the card Ken had handed him he had a holy crap moment.

They posed for selfies with us and spent time chatting while we are all standing there in awe of this meeting! Little did we know the genuine friendship that was being created that day. What an incredible blessing. God puts good people in your path when you need them most and we have been so blessed with meeting incredible people going to car shows and our business journey.

This was our biggest show we had attended with our hood insert and it got noticed in a big way! We could not have ever dreamed of such recognition! Our gratitude is forever. We have since attended many events with them including Corvettes At Carlisle 2022 and look forward to many more.

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